A downloadable game for Windows

An arcade-style relay race where you control all four members of the team. Coordinate with yourself, or get a friend to control half of the runners. It's like team sports,  but without the shouty person that's way too into it.

Created in 100 hours for Extra Game Jam #4 in June 2019. It's the first project I've ever really finished, so please be nice to me. If you want to judge my appalling coding practices or are otherwise curious, the .gmx source files are there for download too.

Credit to www.freesfx.co.uk for crowd and camera sounds.

Install instructions

Just download and run the executable! Windows only, unfortunately.

If you like the game and think you might play it again, or if the .exe doesn't work for any reason, download the installer instead.


Pass the Baton.exe 3 MB
Pass the Baton install.exe 4 MB
Zipped source files (gmx) 4 MB

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